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How long does it take to arrive after ordering?

It will be shipped within 5 working days of your order and arrive 2-5 days after shipping.

Your product will be shipping using EMS.
The number of days in the image represents the standard number of days it takes or the product to be delivered after we ship and it arrives in your counry or region. It does not include the day it is shipped.
(For example, two days will mean that the product will be delivered the day after tomorrow.)

Some products that takes extra time in customs or is addressed to an address in a remote area, the number of days may be different from what is in the image.
The number written in the image is a "standard number of days" it takes for delivery and does not promise the number of days it takes for the delivery.
If the period of processing the order, shipping and, delivery includes Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays and flights are either delayed or canceled, it may take extra number of days.

You can check the details on the number of days by country and region in the EMS website below.
Estimated number of days from shipping to delivery
How will be packaged?

Our store takes the environment into account and has been putting effort into reducing our wastes as much as possible.
With that, we also choose a method of packaging that can provide maximum protection to the products delivered to our customer.

◆The flow of selecting and shipping products

We carefully select the products the customers ordered.   We choose a box size that best fits the products and package to protect the product.   After packaging is complete, the products are shipping by EMS.
How much is the shipping cost?

The shipping cost is calculated by countries and regions regardless of the package weight.

First Zone Second Zone Third Zone
Asia Oceania, North America, Central America and the Middle East Europe South America and Africa
1,800yen 2,400yen 2,800yen 3,800yen

※Customs charges are determined by the customs officers of each region/country.
Please fulfill any financial obligations if customs charges are incurred by the delivery region's customs office.
(Payment methods may vary by country.)