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By taking a step into the workshop that smells of metal, it is absolutely packed with well-used machines. One of those hard at work in this workshop is the unique Satoru Doki who has inherited a metal clasp making technique from famous Italian bag maker "Seletti".
The clasp is made using a technique where a resin base for the clasp is created and studded with gems or freshwater pearls which are made to look as if they are flowing into the resin.
"It's not enough to simply copy the original technique, I have to take it further." “ Says Doki as he looks at the clasps of his master that he has treasured since he first started making clasps.
These detailed sculpted clasps are the fruits of a persistent pursuit of beauty and a studious spirit.

It takes several processes to finish the clasp.
First a metal board is cut and polished, then it is galvanized and assembled into an ornament.
As expert knowledge and experience is essential at each and every stage, the work is shared between many skilled craftsmen.
Doki shows how happy he is to be working with craftsmen who put high value on basics such as "making something by pouring in time and effort" by calling them "the best team".
"I want to do work in which I can have pride in what I make" he says unwaveringly as he continues to make Hamano bags shine.

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