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The Company was established under the name "Denkichi Hamano Shoten" in 1880 by the nephew of Edo period leather guard and scabbard maker Seitaro Hamano, Denkichi, who had inherited his uncle's techniques.
At the time Japan was being awakened from a long period of isolation and was rushing to modernize.
When western clothing started to be seen more regularly in the streets, second generation company owner Hatsuo Hamano was able to keenly perceive this change, and began to thoroughly research international trends by ordering copies of Western fashion magazines such as Vogue, which were very rare at the time to learn more about Western fashion, and dispatching workers to France to study.
Thanks to this, Hatsuo managed to bring durable, tough, and box-shaped handbags with curves that threw traditional sense out of the window into this world.

Third generation Keishi Hamano loved horse riding so much that he became a pro rider and participated in a tournament in Hawaii.
After that, he was officially appointed as the imperial household's polo instructor, where he was able to deepen his relationship with celebrities from around the world.
Due to this, the refined "Royal Model" bag that was sent to state guests from the imperial household came to be widely known as a symbol of Hamano.
Now the theme of Hamano Leather Arts is "bags that bring out the beauty of Japanese ladies".
As Hamano attempts to become more global, it is continually in pursuit of a Japanese beauty that can resonate around the world.

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