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Natural leather breathes.
If the leather is delicate enough to be good-quality leather then it takes a lot of damage from high temperatures and humidity.
Furthermore, depending on the environment where the leather is "rested" after tanning, the texture changes.
Therefore a gentle environment for delicate natural leather was sought and a studio set up in Karuizawa.
In the moderately dry and cool Karuizawa climate, our craftsmen carefully carry out many processes such as material storage, design, cutting and sewing by hand.
The Karuizawa studio very quickly began to divide the processes for making bags that had always depended on the skills of each leatherworker, which is a model that has come to be admired by many.
In addition, by introducing the latest technology, they were able to ensure quality to a high level. They also operate machines such as CAD/CAM systems that allow for perfect pattern making.

At the 1967 opening of the Karuizawa factory, Keishi Hamano gathered many amateur craftsmen.
His reason for doing so was that he wanted the craftsmen to understand the feelings of the customers who used Hamano bags, and was hoping these craftsmen would have the kindness to go the extra mile.
His words of "Make with your heart, not with your hands" represents this stance.
"This never changes and these feelings are still connected to the bags." “
From thinking about design to packing the finished product in its box, we hope that the feelings of the people concerned with creating the bag are conveyed to the customers who choose our bags and will continue to "create bags that show our feelings."

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