Clathas Pet Retro Series new arrival ♪♪ Clathas Pet Series 再復刻♪♪

Request for Audience!Clathas Pet Retro Series new arrival!
The first,we launch 【 Camellia patch dog clothes 】&【 Camellia pet food bowl 】!!
第一彈推出【 山茶花補丁狗狗衣服 】&【 山茶花寵物食物碗 】!!

▼ The information about【 Camellia patch dog clothes(♀) 】,please click here▼
▼ 關於【 山茶花補丁狗狗衣服(♀) 】的詳細資訊請看▼

▼ The information about【 Camellia patch dog clothes(♂) 】,please click here ▼
▼ 關於【 山茶花補丁狗狗衣服(♂) 】的詳細資訊請看▼

▼ The information about【 Camellia pet food bowl 】,please click here ▼
▼ 關於【 山茶花寵物食物碗 】的詳細資訊請看▼

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