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Please be informed that.....

  • Be sure to login to My Page, and continue your shopping.
  • After login in to My Page, please confirm that "Member Special Price●●●JPY" and it is sales price.
  • Product selling price will be displayed price at the time of ordering.
    (Prices cannot be changed for items ordered before price down.)
  • If you do not login to My Page ,the price cannot be change after you ordered.
  • In principle, we cannot accept returns / exchanges of sale items other than product defect / miss delivery.
  • During the period the number of stocks will be very fluid. If shortage of stock , we will contact you by e-mail.


  • 請務必於登入會員後,再進入購買商品程序。
  • 登入會員後,會於該特定商品上註明「Member Special Price ●●●JPY」,該價格為特價後金額,請注意確認。
  • 商品售價以訂購時之價格為主。
  • 若未登入會員而完成訂購程序,無法另行變更價格。
  • 庫存管理系統雖完備,但可能於特價期間中庫存大量變動,若有庫存不足的狀況,將以Mail與您聯繫,請見諒。